Common superstitions among casino players

Common superstitions among casino players

It is very common with all the gamblers who are betting either through the online or land casino there will days when they will be happy while going as they might have won big amounts and there also be some days where they will go home with a set of losses. All these things are part and parcel of the gambling life. But few gamblers believe in so many superstitions like dress code, some type of signs or symbol, the lucky table in specific casinos like happyluke’ and many more. Let us discuss some common superstitions which are followed across the globe.

  • Many players do not count their money on the tables as they believe that counting money on the table will bring them bad luck. And there is one more reason why people do not count their money at the table they think that it is bad manners to that in front of others.
  • Each individual and countries have some lucky numbers such as for some thirteen is considered an unlucky number. It is not only in the casino 12bet สํารอง world but some people skip the thirteen numbers putting in the elevator or naming the floor. In some countries, the number four is considered unlucky. Because of such believes the player does not sit on the fourth table, slot machine, and so on.
  • Another common belief is that should they look or not. Some players do not look at the slot machine after the spin as they believe that it will bring bad luck and others believe that they should straight look into the wheel so that good lucks comes in.
  • These beliefs have started in the Asian country that is wearing red color attire will bring luck. That’s why many gamblers when playing some big games get dressed in red so that they get more good luck and win the games.
  • In some countries, it is believed that if your hand is itching on some particular day then you will compulsory win the betting’s on that day and in contrary in some other countries it believes that if you have itching in your hands then on that you should not play gambling because it brings bad luck.
  • One more superstition which is believed by almost all the gamblers in the world is lending money to the opponent players. They believe that it will bring bad luck to you if you lend some money to the opponent players as the money is going out of your hand.


Finally, it all depends on you if you want to believe in all such things or not.

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