A New Feature In Today’s World – Top Up Credit

A New Feature In Today’s World – Top Up Credit

When you are top-up with Ding, you send phone credit to a friend or family member’s prepaid mobile/cell phone. Buying mobile/cell phone credit is called many different things. You may know it as top-up, minutes, recharge, refill, load, or airtime.

About Standard Top-Ups

A เติมเครดิต is a top-up that a customer makes to his or her account. For example, a customer can top up her account balance with a $50 payment from her credit card.

BRM supports two types of standard top-ups:

  • Manual standard top-ups

Manual standard top-ups are initiated by a customer service representative (CSR) using a client application or by your customers using a self-care application. For example, $100 can be added to an account balance by a CSR using Customer Center or a customer using Self-Care Manager.

  • Automatic standard top-ups

Automatic standard top-ups are initiated by BRM, not by a CSR or a customer. They occur when an account balance falls below a specified threshold amount. When BRM rates a usage event and updates the account balance, it checks whether the balance dropped below the threshold. If it did, BRM automatically tops up the balance. For example, whenever a customer’s balance falls below $20, BRM can charge her credit card $50 and credit the balance with that amount.

Standard Top-Up Payment Methods

Customers can use the following payment methods for standard top-ups:

  • Credit card or direct debit (manual and automatic standard top-ups)

When a customer charges a top-up to her credit card or bank account, BRM automatically contacts a payment service for authorization through an application such as Paymentech. BRM then debits the credit card or bank account and tops up the customer’s BRM account.

  • Voucher(manual standard top-ups only)

When a customer uses a voucher, such as a prepaid phone card, to top up his account, the BRM API interacts with a voucher management system to validate the voucher and payment amount. This method has made payments easier.

หวยสัญจร จ.พัทลุง is a new feature in today’s world. It has influenced many people worldwide and is one of the reasons people have been so much into online payments. It has brought a change in many people’s lives and has brought in technology. People of all age groups, rich or poor, know the system of the bank transfer and top up credit cards. It has made payments easier and customer-friendly.

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